Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mama needs to make some money

because i have kinda been spending the moola like crazy lately. and it's showing NO signs of stopping....OOOOPPPPSSS.

got this super adorable, super long, super sequined cardigan this weekend.

FROM KMART. not even and i ran in there to waste some time, and i came out with this....and mayyyyybeeeeee some flannel pj's with cupcakes on them. maybe. possibly.

and so, imagine my trauma when decides to offer buy 1, get 1 50% off on boots.

cuz i HATE me some boots. (total sarcasm, i love boots. LOVE. i have recently rocked boots over jeans, with a tee-shirt because despite the warmer temps, it's november gosh darnit!!)

i've had my eye on these for awhile....they're actually dark grey, and i think i'd rock these more than black ones....cuz most of my wardrobe goes with brown neutrals. so i don't need black and least casual ones.

i still have my eye on some SUPER smokin' knee-high high-heeled black boots that the hubs likes to joke would be my way to earn "extra income".

and speaking of brown boots...i already have THREE PAIRS. three.

but aren't these pretty?????? don't they look like frye's....but at only $60, they're waaaayyyyyy cheaper.

BUT they're $60. and i don't know for sure the calves will even fit my scrawny legs. or if i'd be able to get pants down into these, which is how i'd want to wear them.

do i get them, and put them on the credit card to delay payments for a bit, so my friends and family actually get christmas this year? do we think $75 is good for 2 pairs of boots?

and any tips on keeping the stay-at-home wife spending guilt under control? (without actually NOT spending, thank you very much ;))


Tara said...

love the boots! though i'm a little upset that i bought a pair of boots at target the day before this sale started!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

This mama needs some money too!! Dont go to NY&Co or Limited... there are lots of tempting sparkly things!!