Friday, November 12, 2010

i am my father's child

my dad is one of those kinds of guys that you KNOW didn't know what to do with daughters at first. and he has 2. when we were kids, we got all sorts of traditional "boy" presents, like huge styrofoam airplanes, and silly string, and one of those remote controlled race car tracks.

and we totally loved them. even thought now i know part of the reason he bought them was so HE could play.

anyhoo, daddy-o has worked some kind of construction/maintenance/contracting job since i was a babe. soooo...i know my way around a hardware store. i dig tools.

i have also, on more than several occasions, reminded the hubs how lucky he is that his wife will suggest a trip to lowe's or home depot if we have nothing to do...cuz i like looking.

except not at the lame, practical stuff like wires and electrical boxes and switches and crap. BOOOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGGG.

if you're a tool-lover, or have one in your life....the holidays are PRIMO for finding sweet things that serve a purpose, but are also awesome.

i'm such a fan of multi-tasking, so the multi-tool is right up my alley. i actually bought the hubs a leatherman, which is apparently like the bomb-diggity multi-tool a few years ago, when he was just the boyfriend.

like check this bad boy out. it's got 17 things on it!!! 17!! i don't have that many different pieces of functional items in my purse!

and it's $15 at lowe's. so that's less than a dollar a doo-dad. plus, that's totally a bottle opener on the left. SCORE.

true story...this one looks way more fierce than the blue one, right? it's cuz this is the outdoors multi-tool. the bear grils of the multi-tool world. you know....rugged and outdoorsy, BUT has a crew of cameramen making sure he doesn't die while eating bear poo or whatever the eff he does out in the woods.

i don't do i don't know. but if you love some camping...OR you want your hubs to up his chances of survival when he gets banished to the yard for being a dumbass....this is your best bet on the stocking stuffer front. it's also $15...a small price to pay for your own life against the wilderness, right???

also...has a bottle opener. so if the bears are circling....pop a cold one and enjoy your last moments of NOT being mauled.

ahhh, my orange beauty. the one i flat-out told the hubs he could totally put in my stocking. cuz it's awesome. it's the home decor multi-tool.

this ish has a level, and a pencil, and a pencil sharpener, and a hole starter!!! so basically, this and a hammer (and nails of course) are all you need for a little picture hanging in your casa.

and seeing as how i'm kinda picture-hanging-challenged...i want this. i NEED this. it's all together!! in one thing!!

i'm a little miffed the home decor doesn't have a bottle opener....but they probably figure any self-respecting woman who wants one of these already has a bottle opener. and a corkscrew. cuz we have our priorities in order....booze, THEN decor.

hope this gave you some ideas for the handy men and women in your life! any other tool-loving ladies like me??


Amy Lynn said...

hahaha... love the last one! It should totally come equipped with a corkscrew, BUT I have learned from experience that when in dire need.... a screw and a pair of pliers work just as well as a corkscrew.

Bekkah said...

That home decor multi tool looks like it needs to find a home at my place. :)

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Maybe the multi-tool makers didn't include a bottle opener b/c they are aware of the calamity that too much booze + a stumbling trip to Home Goods does not a showcase home make.