Thursday, November 18, 2010

it's the good kind of burn

was anyone else a girl scout? rocking the horrid little brown jumper and funny hat as a brownie?? too. until i quit because they moved our meetings or whatever they were called to friday nights. and this girl was NOT missing her weekly date with cory mathews and the step-by-step family.

anyways, the hubs and i have been taking a trip down campfire lane lately (i never actually MADE a campfire as a girl scout...but i did sleep through a tornado at a slumber party once).
oooh, look at that burn, the glowy embers are the best to poke with a stick....cuz they are. duh.

it's been warmish here during the day, but at night it's pretty chilly, so on the weekends we set up camp in our backyard and fire this pit up. we even bought a bellows! you know...those things you puff air into a fire with....cuz i got tired of fanning with a paper plate trying to get the flames up.
and what's a fire without smores?! NOTHING I TELL YOU. a fire hasn't met it's full potential without at least marshmallows. it's like a high school kid getting C's, but could get A's if only he'd apply himself!!

and yes....we rock THREE kinds of chocolate for our smores party. and 2 kinds of graham crackers. and approximately 27 kinds of marshmallows.

okay, 5.

1. regular
2. caramel vanilla swirl
3. chocolate vanilla swirl
4. tiny gingerbread ones that we didn't actually break out yet...but we will
5. and last, but CERTAINLY not least, regular mallows the size of baseballs. cuz they are AWESOME.

we've even perfected how to melt the chocolate...cuz when it's 45 degrees out, just the heat of the marshmallow does NOT cut it. but a graham cracker with the chocolate, put on a grill spatula and held over the fire DOES.

anyone else love a good dose of burning? any fancy smores recipes we oughta be trying out?

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bananas. said...

aw this reminds me of my childhood. we used to camp out in our backyard too. but this family brought the tv b/c like you we couldn't miss our TGIFridays.