Thursday, November 4, 2010

i know it's less than a week after halloween

BUT i am having a little christmas meltdown around these parts.

not because i have any intention of skipping over the much-beloved turkey day...i'm pretty freaking pumped i actually get to spend ALL of thanksgiving with my family. and my husband. not getting up and going to work, rushing through shows, and getting the heck out of dodge to make it to lunch at 2:30. <~~ this is why tv news SUCKS. BAD.

no, it's not just about my giddiness over seeing decorations out or hearing the hubs plot his griswold-esque plan of attack on our yard and home. (even though he is a straight-up christmas HEATHEN, because when i mentioned said imminent griswolding he goes "griswolding? what are you talking about?" honestly...some days i question how i married a man who's NEVER SEEN christmas vacation)


that's right, i said it. i'm a junkie. and like any good addict...i need my yearly fix. at LEAST one new christmas album every year. i figured i'd be set this year with the target EP release from lady antebellum. but NOOOOOO....the music industry got out the big guns. what's that you say?? ANOTHER mariah carey christmas album?? another version of my favorite "cheer me up christmas style and belt in my car alone" song, known as "all i want for christmas is you"??

say it ain't so universe!! plus, the obnoxiousness of the cover alone would make me want it. it's like a drag queen noel around these parts. don't you just wanna hang out with that dead-eyed plastic snowman on whatever crazy rooftop this party is on? i know i do.

but then, i go to check amazon and see the reviews for miss carey/mrs. cannon's new tunes...and what do i see when i go browsing around the "you may also like" link....


wait for it....


i literally had to stop myself from jumping up and down and squealing.

IT'S GLEE AND CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! it's like mark salling himself dressed as santa, and came down my non-functioning chimney for a little holiday crooning. and ONLY CROONING HUSBAND OF MINE. only crooning.
(totally NOT only crooning. salling's on my list)

so yes....i am all aflutter at the thought of getting this album on the 16th...and will probably break my "no music before thanksgiving" rule....cuz i can.

any other junkies?


Kathryn said...

I am RIGHT there with you. I LOVE to belt out 'all I want for Christmas is you' when I am alone in my car! And the GLEE Christmas... I can't wait to hear it!

Amber said...

I'm sitting in my room laughing out loud to myself about the hilarity of your Mark Salling comments LOL

I love you LOL

At least you waited a week (almost), I pulled out the Christmas music after trick or treating LOL

mrs.mfc said...

I *might* be listening to the "Rockin' Holidays" station on Pandora right now.... maybe :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Love Christmas music--totally brings me back to childhood and gets me right in the spirit. Already dreaming up a white elephant holiday party with a jammin' Xmas mix!

KatherineBee said...

So stoked for Mariah Carey Christmas!!