Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i'm sending nuttin' for christmas

unless i get my freaking act together already!!

2 years ago, the then-fiance and i (let's get real, i did ALL the work) sent out christmas cards with our super-fab engagement pictures on them.

then last year, the holidays came rolling on me like a big old train, and since we got back from our honeymoon 4 days before halloween...i was in a total daze. and it was thanksgiving before i knew it. and i totally skipped out on christmas cards, trying to get thank you's done.

so this year...it's back on the wagon peeps!!

and since i've had decent luck with shutterfly in the past (holla to my free photobook a few years back!), i figured i'd check out the offerings.

plus, they're totally hooking up bloggers who blog about them. and i ain't above a little shameless promotion =)

you can see all the holiday cards here, but you KNOW i've got my faves.

bright colors? swirly font? doesn't look like everyone else's card?? YES. PLEASE.

i love all the photo options on this one....except i realized after our wedding...the hubs and i have approximately 4 photos together. tragic.

one good photo?? one i can come up with...and for some reason, i'm totally digging the black christmas cards!! it's like a white christmas....but opposite.
and i am obsessed with this one. it's traditional....but funky too, with the fancy holey font. BUT it's a folded card...so i'd have to write something in them all. and that's a lot of work.

and clearly, i am wicked lazy. i'm basically trying to get YOU to pick my christmas card.

heck, i'm still trying to decide just HOW big of a faux pas putting a wedding picture on our christmas cards this year would be. probably pretty tacky....but it's that, or random pics of our faces and the dogs in the snow from our freak snowstorm earlier this year.

if you're REALLY on the ball, they've got thanksgiving cards too....but i'm not that on it.

and since i KNOW i'm not the only one interested in 50 free cards, check out the link HERE to sign up for yours!


MrsSouthernBelle said...

I love the last one... I am contemplating that one myself!

bananas. said...

i need to get on my xmas cards. i'm usually ready to go by now.

actually what am i saying. i'm a KNOWN procrastinator.

i've used shutterfly before but they're kind of pricey no?