Friday, November 19, 2010

snacking like santa

i love thanksgiving/christmas/winter holidays.

i love being with my fam, and checking out lights, and belting out tunes about jesus and mistletoe and snowmen. but most of all....

most of all i love the food.

and my kitchen cabinets are all aglow right about now with loads of delicious christmasy treats.
dear candy cane oreos,

don't tell regular oreos...or even the double-stuffed ones....but you are my favorite of all the oreos. first have 2 colors in your that's pretty awesome. secondly...your cream isn't just minty, it also has little bits o'candy cane in it. and that makes it minty and crunchy at the same time. so keep doing what you do.

your loyal christmastime fan.

p.s. you, me and a batch of white chocolate are gonna have a threesome soon. get ready for the awesomeness.

dear gingerbread graham crackers,

thanks for existing. really. i mean it. i feel like i have known you my whole life, even from way back in elementary school...

yes, i remember taking regular graham crackers, and gluing them to milk cartons for the saddest christmas craft ever. but NOW, now i can make a real live gingerbread house...with graham crackers. cuz let's be honest...i'm not gonna make a REAL one. but i can probably manage a little fake one with some glue frosting.

wanna be a bakery builder.

p.s. you make real good smores too.

dear dole,

BLESS YOU. bless you for making these little cups of deliciousness. bless you for making it possible for me to have a little taste of apple pie at 11pm on a thursday, without having to go all martha stewart, and take a break from my insider trading to make a perfect flaky pie crust. plus, it's fruit and it's practically some wheatgrass or wheat germ or something. okay, maybe not THAT healthy since it tastes like apple pie...but it's gotta be better than my BFF the oreos.

i. love. pie.


mixed girl said...


Sonya said...

I've never tired the candy cane oreos, but I do love the white chocolate covered oreos. I have to find the apple crisp stuff! That looks heavenly!

pearls said...

CANDY CANE OREOS???? what the???? how did I not know about his... RUSHING TO THE STORE!

KatherineBee said...

Love the festive Oreos!!

anna p of just me. said...

so, i LOVE the peppermint oreos. oh em gee so good!


bananas. said...

haha! you and dave have a lot in common...he loves christmas treats too. he just bought three bags of holiday candy...said it was for guests. pretty sure it's all for him.