Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i used to frequent another corner

in 2011,  i'm an ever-so-happily married woman, full of a LOT of randomness and a decent amount of snark when the time is right. and you all get to witness it, here in this little corner of the world wide web.

but in 2004?

in 2004 i was this girl, all of 21, breaking hears and locking A LOT of lips and living it up like only college seniors can.

too many parties, too many beers, too many boys, too much fun.

and i totally had a blog back then too.

which i had sort of forgotten about until last night, when i randomly thought of it...and decided to see if i still remembered my log-in info.


you ever read something you wrote a REALLY long time ago, and sort of remember being that person...and sort of feel like it was a stranger??

yeahhhh....that was me. there may or may not have been a few names dropped that i TOTALLY do not remember.  so hopefully none of those dudes are still pining away for me...cuz that would be a.w.k.w.a.r.d.

but it was also really awesome to have a window into my past like that, and relive some of those moments that seemed like SUCH a big deal back then. all the stress of finals, new roomates, old boyfriends, and loving life as an "adult", with no real adult responsibilities.

there was also a documented version of the start (and end) of my only major relationship with a boy who's NOT my husband. the dude who broke my heart, and who will, forever after in this house, be referred to as "douchey ex-boyfriend".

oh, and in case you need a little window into what my life was like then? an excerpt, from this day 7 years ago (seven?? really?? gah...i feel old now).

"i have made my triumphant return to athens, and aspen, and 62B! and no, despite the horrid cop who pulled me over AT THE ENTRANCE OF MY COMPLEX DRIVEWAY FOR NOT STOPPING AT A STOP SIGN THAT I DID STOP AT, it's been a good day. got up, packed ALL of my stuff cuz i was a total slacker and talked to people until late instead of actually being productive, loaded the car (yay for the malibu! it fit everything!) and hit the road. i have cruise control now for the first time ever, so tried that out a bit, but it still kinda weirds me out, so i'm not so sure how i feel about it yet."

yeah...that's STILL the only time i've ever been pulled over. and i'm STILL pissed about it.

anyone else have old journals or blogs they'd forgotten about, and gotten a kick out of reliving?


AmandaDF said...

Oh my gosh! I found my online journal from when I was 13...I cringed when I read most of it lol

bananas. said...

no old blogs but i used to have old journals and they were ABSOLUTE CRACK UPS! i was kinda weird.

well...i still am.

Salt said...

All my old journals are in books and I have no idea where any of them are. I used to write when I was a teenager. I'm sure if I read them now, I'd want to go back in time and punch myself in the face.

I hope the job is treating you well!!