Thursday, August 18, 2011

headed back into the thunderdome

on june 27th, 2010....this was me.
a goodbye kiss....not for my hubs (and no, i do NOT remember why he has on a viking hat), but a goodbye to my former career.

goodbye to long hours. goodbye to crappy pay. goodbye to spending holidays with my corworkers, not my family. goodbye to the news business, and the way it was slowly sucking away my sanity, and my soul.

monday afternoon?
monday afternoon i'll strap that headset back on, and rejoin the media conglomerate i SWORE i'd never go back to.

but this's on MY terms. and only for the short-term.

they've got a producer leaving tomorrow, and no one to fill his slot.

so it's back into the thunderdome for this girl.'ll have to think good, sane thoughts for me.

because get this? when i met with the powers that be...they were all "oh yeah, it will probably be 2 days a week, and doing 2 shows". no bigs. i get the email tonight....yeahhhhhh....i'm working FIVE days next week. 2 shows mon-thurs...and THREE shows on friday.

times like this, it pays to be a total fricking badass at your (former) job. cuz i GUARANTEE, most folks can't do what i do. or did. or whatever.

90% of me is totally down with the idea, since it will be extra cash to pay off the credit cards and get our home renovations paid for (and use $100 to buy myself a nook, cuz i waaaaaannnnttttt onnnneeeeee) and i've already told them i'm only working during the day....minus the first 3 days, because apparently their morning show girl has jury duty.  and the news director was SUPER friendly in his email, which makes me pretty sure i will be left alone to do my thing, since i'm kinda saving their can't ride someone who can leave the park at any time ;)


but the majority rules in this case. and the difference now is i can walk out WHENEVER i want. plus...they better hurry the eff up and hire someone asap.

at least my cardigans won't feel so lonely anymore.


Morgan said...

Awesome! Congratulations... doubly so because you're doing this on your terms!

Renata said...

Best of luck! Seven years in the news biz and I still haven't managed to make my escape - I envy you!