Monday, August 29, 2011

if there's no paper...there's no deal

remember last week when i was all "oh yeah, going back to work, i have to be there 5 whole days"??

yeah...that's all it lasted.

cuz it's AWESOME when the dude in charge tells you you'll be working two days...and then it's five.

and he also says he'll work with your requests, which is that you won't work thursday and friday nights...and then he schedules you for thursday and friday night, because he has another producer who's a total whiny baby and gets whatever she wants just by causing a stink until he's worn down.


cuz when i told him AGAIN on friday i didn't want to work those nights, and that we had agreed to that in the beginning...he chose to ignore me. and schedule me then anyways.

so i told him to shove it up his ass.

nicely of course =)

it was totally professional-speak for "you can eff yourself".

and now? now i'm actually really freaking proud of myself. because normally, i'm the one that goes along with things i don't really want to do,  just to keep the peace.

but this time? this time i did what was right for me...which was to show them you can't treat the person helping out, the person who's not contractually obligated to be there and do what you say like crap.

cuz she'll take her skillz and her fake red hair and bail the eff out.

so you're stuck with me again! but this time...i'm back with stories of bathrooms...and surplus vests.

can't hardly stand the excitement can you?


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

That must have felt GREAT!

bananas. said...

you go glenn coco!!!

damn the man...damn him!!!

Gracie Beth said...

Girl I am proud of you! I may take a page from your book soon!

AmandaDF said...

Good for you! Their loss for sure!

Salt said...

I can hardly stand the excitement!
I am so proud of you though. That is awesome that you stood up for yourself! You didn't need to take his crap!

M.R. said...

that's great- i'm sure it only would have gotten worse.

Lilly's Style said...

You go girl, good for you!