Monday, August 8, 2011

what happens when your husband finds a new love

you know, it's the same old story.

boy finds nerdy sci-fi book for cheap at goodwill.

boy LOVES said nerdy sci-fi book, and proceeds to find the rest of the series for cheap on ebay.

boy can't wait until the mail comes to keep reading, so boy finds a free electronic version of his new favorite books.

boy spends the next 2 weeks plowing through the books on his phone.

boy decides he wants a screen bigger than 3 inches.

boy buys himself a new toy friday night.

boy now loves his new nook color more than he loves his lovely girl.

so of girl can't decide if SHE wants a fancy new e-reader too.

i have ALWAYS talked trash about e-readers, because i LOVE books. i like the way they smell, i like they way they feel, i like the joy of having them and checking them out of the library and browsing for new ones.

BUT i hate having to wait until the library gets around to my request for the new book. it would be nice to be able to cart around a few ounces of machine, versus a lot of ounces of book when i'm travelling, or sitting at the doctor's office or whatever.

so thanks to the hubs and his new love, i'm contemplating spending my birthday money on a new nook. anyone love their e-reader? anyone else's significant other have a love affair with electronics?


Sonya said...

LOVE my Nook! I wish I had waited for the Nook Color. If I had the extra cash, I'd get one now!

Renata said...

I have a nook (the original) and I love it! I've always been an avid reader and for a long time was a staunch supporter of "real" books, but my DH bought me a nook for my birthday, and I haven't looked back. Plus, at least at my local library, you can borrow ebooks! This only works for nook, not for Kindle.

Cat said...

Oh ... this is a toughie ... I am with you on the "real books" thing but at the same time there is something to be said for the ease and convenience of the nooks {I really like the idea of being able to "look up a word" instantly!}

❤ Cat brideblu

Laura Darling said...

I was always with the feel and experience of an actual book. But my mom got a kindle and LOVES it, and lately I've been really tempted to get a nook... I'm sure you will love it if you get one! Everyone does!