Friday, August 12, 2011

like i mentioned earlier this week...i love books. all kinds of books...from classics, to sappy love stories, to mysteries and memoirs.

and then of course...there's the genre so lovingly dubbed....young adult. at my library, they all have little stickers on the side with a person reading under a tree. cuz you know...that's what young people do.

and of course, there are gems in those stacks, books i want to force all my friends to read, so we can talk about how awesome they are.

hunger games trilogy, i'm looking at you. bravo suzanne collins, i am PEEING my pants about seeing these movies.

then of course...there are the not-so-awesome ones.

that's right stephanie meyer, you're totally guilty of creating the literary version of herpes. it's super fun in the moment...but then you wake up a few weeks later wondering what that burning sensation is, and why you can't get away from the madness and the crap writing.

but equal to my love of books about teens? my love for tv shows about teens.

and there is none better than my most favorite show of ALL TIME, the series i am wholeheartedly convinced contains the answers to all life's quandries...


or as i like to call it, the six year vehicle in which joshua jackson cemented himself in my heart at my #1 love, and proved that pacey witter will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be better than dawson leery.

for life.

and so when one of my favorite blogs about teen books and tv shows posted an entry about my boyfriend mr. witter, i had to share.

please read, and laugh (especially if you also have 15 year tv tatstes), and revel in the marvel that is pacey witter.

and if you're not a teenage drama fan...well, then you're totally missing out!

but the hunger games. it's AMAZING.

happy friday y'all!


Anonymous said...

I loved The Hunger Games...can't wait to see what they do for the movie! I relisted to the Twilight Saga audiobooks on my iPod while I am at work all the time. It sounds silly, but it's true. I never did get in to Dawson's Creek though...

katherinebee said...

That blog post just made my day! Pacey was always the hot one. Everyone knows that.

I 100% loved Hunger Games. I'm a little hesitant about the movies because I have no idea how they'll capture some of the things from the books, but still can't wait.

Sonya said...

I think I could have written this post! Love Hunger Games (and young adult lit is one of my faves) and I hate Twilight. I still love Dawon's Creek and I wouldn't mind having all the seasons on DVD!