Tuesday, May 31, 2011

who doesn't love cookies?

man, i love a long weekend! even it involved doing some cleaning with the hubs, and watching while he tried to blow his car up....thankfully, that part didn't happen.

now come tuesday...i'm asking you guys for a favor. but it's not for me.

it's for this gorgeous girl, my internet bestie, the ever so lovely ashley. she's been taking a break from the blogosphere to be a kickass mama to that OTHER gorgeous girl you see, my "niece" delaney!! so not only is this supermom BEING supermom...she's also working, and running a side business doing the wedding design stuff she loves...oh yeah, and being an amazing niece herself.

see, her aunt was hit by a drunk driver earlier this month, and just got out of the ICU thank goodness!! BUT her injuries will mean a big pile o' medical bills...and that's never fun for anyone. cuz bills suck.

so my girl has decided to help her  "other mother" out by turning her etsy shop into the tree the keebler elves live in.

k, maybe not EXACTLY that, but she is selling one or 2 dozen fresh, homemade sugar cookies, and ALL of the money will go toward her aunt karen.

so go buy cookies. because cookies are delish. and because ashley is amazing, so be amazing for her too, k?

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Mrs. Prepperoni said...

You forgot law school :o)