Wednesday, June 1, 2011

cuz i'm a my own head.

you may remember back in april, i decided to try out red was tres "loooook at meeeeeeeee and my face!!", but...i kinda dig the whole center of attention thing. comes with being the first-born or something ;)

now, red is awesome. we all know this. red lipstick is sassy and classy and ever-so classic.

but what if i don't want classy and classic? what if i wanna get my celebrity red carpet on and bust out the summer of 2011 super fun look?

oh yes, i'm joining the ranks of rhi and gwen and xtina (minus the whole breaking into jeremy rinner's bedroom all drunk at a party)...

this girl's got some hot pink lipstick. and she intends to rock it like a mofo....if she can figure out the best outfit to make her not look insane.

i have a LOT of black that might be my default since all these lovely ladies are rocking black....even if it means melting in the 100 degree sun.

anyone else love the bright lips trend?


KLaw said...

I am 100000% envious of your lack on inhibitions to try new things. I, myself, am skurred. You can rock it!

bananas. said...

i'm definitely on board with the barbie pink lip trend. i actually bought a magenta pink lipliner from MAC for this very reason.

anna said...

oh, yes! go for it! i love brightly colored lips. i, of course, rock the red but i also do coral. i've been thinking about branching out into the pinks as well and maybe i'll even get daring enough to go all Kardashian and bust out some nude lips...

you are lovely, my friend.
dear prudence