Thursday, May 19, 2011

he's embracing his status as a dirty old man

dear nate,

it's your BIRTHDAY!!! which means you are now 29. which means for the next 6 weeks, i get to call you grandpa because you're thisclose to 30...and i'm a spry and super fly 27.

i love you more than anything...which is how you get me to do yardwork and house projects and other things that even my family is astounded i take part in...because i love you that much.

you also have to love me a lot...because you go along with all my crazy ideas.
like the halloween we were a redneck bride and groom. that was pretty awesome.

you also take various versions of the same picture with me...and you have since the beginning.

 but most know my heart. and you've always known it, from that first night, and that first phone call, and that first date when i knew deep down nothing would ever be the same.

you're my boo, my hubs, my everything.

enjoy 29, and all the cradle-robbing that comes with it...i hope it's just as fun when you're 99 and i'm only 97 =)


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