Thursday, May 26, 2011

guess who doesn't know what season it is?

i know the calendar and the people at the weather channel or whatever allege that summer doesn't start until next month.

too bad it's been at least 90 degrees here every day for a solid 2 weeks. cuz i hate to break it to mother nature....but above 80? SUMMER. not spring.

so what does your favorite southern redhead do when the mercury is rising and she's sweating like a whore in church just walking out the front door?

buy things for fall and winter of course!!

technically...i did not buy this exact sweater. i got this sweatery one in a bright purple....for $4. its cotton tshirt material cousin came home with me in black...for $3.

see, old navy might be having a sale where all their clearance items in store are an extra 50% off...and i MIGHT have gone a little nutso.

BUT $7 FOR TWO CARDIGANS?! i can't even get two lattes for that, the sweaters don't give me the shakes like 2 lattes would.

this beauty in black is now sitting in my closet. i might have done a little twirling for the hubs when u brought it home yesterday...cuz she's so pretty!! and she's so classic, just a black trench.


i literally cannot wait to wear this jacket....and maaayyyyyybbbbeeee tell everyone that compliments me on it that i got it for $8.  cuz that's how i roll.

i also got a black tab-sleeve tee, 2 scarves, a pair of slouchy linen cargo cropped pants and 4 glitter gift bags.

all for $38.

the 50% off clearance sale goes through please someone else go get some pretties for i can tell the hubs it's NOT just me who can't resist a sale =)

1 comment:

anna said...

*rushes off to old navy*
what a deal!!!
you know how to shop!

i don't know what season it is either. its like 97million degrees here but i still insist on wearing my cardis and such if its what the outfit calls for.
i'll sweat it out.
who cares. at least i look good!!
dear prudence