Monday, May 9, 2011

there are some disadvantages to having a man around

i love my husband.

and there are LOTS of good things about having a husband/boyfriend/main squeeze around.

you don't have to do the gross chores like taking out the trash or empty the drain strainer thingy in the sink.

loving on the regular is also a pretty sweet deal.

but sometimes, those fellas make you do things. like manual labor.

see, i've got a man who LOOOOOVES doing DIY projects, which is all fine and well and good...until i get sucked into helping.
i spent HOURS yesterday digging holes to bury those cement blocks you see. so they'd be level, so we could build a shed base on them.

i am NOT kidding when i say our yard is apparently a work of evil, and strictly made of clay and dirt powder and super glue to keep it all in one piece so anything more than a tablespoon at the time CANNOT be scooped out.

oh yeah, and it was about 89 degrees outside yesterday. NOT. FUN. TIMES.

but in the end, after i did get a little fun wielding the cordless drill,
we have this. a wooden base for an 8x10 shed that the hubs is literally peeing his pants over.

except....I HAVE TO STAIN IT FIRST. kill me now.

dude owes me some shoes for all this mess.


Claire Kiefer said...

Gotta say, it's gotta be pretty rewarding to look at that base and say "I did that!" :) I'm always amazed by DIY construction projects, given that I don't know the first thing about them. Or any DIY project, for that matter. Yikes.

AmandaDF said...

That looks like one heck of a DIY (but at least you got to use some power tools!) Your husband totally owes you some new shoes haha

Jess said...

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