Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i'm totally gonna get my hulk on

first off...let me say, that even though the hubs got a surround sound system for HIS birthday....everybody wins with it in the house!!

glee finale in surround sound? AMAZING. i intend to force the dude to watch the sugarland concert dvd with me, while i geek out and sing along.

but he also got some other stuff for getting old...some home depot cards from my parents and sister, so i'm sure there will be a trip to the good 'ol depot in my future.

but more we have in our possession the greatest invention ever...or at least the greatest one to provide me with entertainment and keep our inside recycling bin from overflowing...

my grandma used to have one of these on her back porch...because she lives out in the country and this make it easier to fit more cans in her trashbags that she had to haul 1/4 mile up her driveway to the road...cuz that's how she rolls in the country.

the hubs and i have been searching for MONTHS for one of these...but apparently only grandmas want them because we were out of luck...until mom and i found one in an old-school hardware store and i flipped. my. shit.

i cannot wait to crush cans. and probably yell "CAN CRUSHHERRRRRRRRR" in a deep, pro-wrestling sort of voice.

cuz that's not weird right?


bananas. said...'s a little weird.

but weird makes things so much more interesting!

have fun with your can crushhherrrrr!!!

Renata said...

I totally had one of these on my back porch growing up.