Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i want to send this to every high school kid ever

as i'm relaxing last night, watching my favorite members of mckinley high's new directions (that would be ALL of them....but mostly one brittany s. pierce), i'm expecting some laughs, some tunes, some snark courtesy of santana of course...

what i'm not expecting is being close to tears. from a commercial.

i haven't seen very many things that moved me more than this commercial. if you can even call it that.

it's really just a giant hug to all the kids who feel like they don't fit in, whether they're gay or not, whether they're out or not...whether they are watching or not. it's a hug, with a teeny little blurb about google at the front and back.

and you know what? they're right. cuz high school? or middle school? it ALWAYS. GETS. BETTER.

first off....girls in middle school are TOTAL BITCHES. you couldn't pay me enough money to revisit 7th and 8th grade, without promises of allowing me to sucker punch stupid chicks talking smack without retribution. then MAYBE i'd go.

i had a fine time in high school....but i also went to a smart-kid school. when you're in a magnet program...there isn't a lot of room for the jocks to tease people...cuz they're also in drama classes with you. and making better grades in AP chemistry.

even without getting bullied, i was still a super-tall, kind of chubby girl with glasses and NO game, pining after senior boys and longing to be asked out on a date (which totally didn't happen until college, for the record).

basically...if you peaked in high school, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.  cuz now? now you're probably chain-smoking, coaching a kid's tee-ball team and reliving the glory days.  you're trip mcneilly.

i'm so thankful it gets better than those 6 years of my life...and i'm glad there's a group showing everyone the same thing =)


KLaw said...

OMG, you totally pulled out the Trip McNielly. I LOVE it! Hilarious!

Good post - BTW

Tasha King said...

this inspired my next tattoo!

Regina said...

I love this post! I think 7th grade was the most miserable year of my life. Middle school is brutal.

bananas. said...

i'm right there with ya sister! i was soooo not the cool kid in high school. i was more the bitchy-leave-me-alone-i-prefer-not-to-talk-to-you type with fabulous shoes (that, i was always good at).

as for being asked out, yea i was but it wasn't often. when your best friend in HS looks like a supermodel, boys don't really seem to notice you. lol. and you know what, i was alright with that.

Cat said...

What a great post! Amen sister! Kids can really be so cruell! The worst is when you encounter the clicky additude in your adulthood {I am talking about some of my coworkers...*cough*}, it's like, really? Grow up!

xx Cat brideblu

TeeZee said...

what wonderful post, I couldn't have said it better myself.

and those damn chrome commercials always manage to make me cry.