Friday, May 6, 2011

cuz mama needs some new neck bling

nope, not talking about my ACTUAL mama...although she loves a good necklace as much as the next super awesome 54 year old lady does...i'm talking about this mama. clearly in the "i have dogs for children and randomly say things like 'mama like'" sort of way....not in the actual "in the family" way for of thing.

see...about 3 weeks ago, i MIGHT have done a little shopping with MY mama at new york and company. and we MIGHT have gotten a coupon for $15 off $30 that's good this week.

so i MIGHT have broken the siren song of my currently beloved bracelets to do a little necklace shopping.

first up, this multi-colored beauty. i figure it will be awesome with all my brightly colored tank tops and sandals this summer when it's 14000 degrees, with 154% humidity and all i want to do is attempt some semblance of looking cute while trying to keep my face from actually MELTING. OFF.

did i mention it gets warm down here?
next up, this wooden bead and metal chain bib. i'll probably wear it longer than this...because this close to my neck? i feel like i'm choking. i think it'll give a little boho edge to some of my plain jersey dresses i live in in the summer.

or you know, again with the tanks and sandals. and the face melting.

cuz it is that hot.
can a white girl from georgia get some kind of swahili princess name? cuz that's what this necklace makes me feel like....all "coming to america" meets "the lion king".

everyone knows nala was a total lion hottie right? RIGHT.

i want to wear this all the time. i want to put a bazillion wooden bangles on my arm at the same time. i want someone to ask me about my awesome safari necklace so i can tell them i only paid $7 for it.

cuz i'm totally whatever the swahili word for "shopping queen" is.


Maddalena said...


Claire Kiefer said...

Do you live in Georgia now? I didn't know you were from GA! I'm from Marietta. :) I left at 18 and haven't lived there since, but I'm home twice a year for Christmas and the inevitable summer wedding (this year--my cousin).

Love that top necklace!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

Love those! Not sure I could pull off the last one though.