Friday, August 6, 2010

you just gotta watch

since the hubs and i started dating, and since he found about my undying love for rap music, he's let me listen to all sorts of stuff he doesn't like very much.

except for eminem. the hubs is adamant in his hatred for mr. mathers...which i find kinda funny, considering there for awhile em was ALL about the anger.

so when hubs voluntarily turned eminem's new song UP when he heard it on the radio, i was SHOCKED. i dig the song too...but i figured he'd hate it.

and today, when i watched the video for "love the way you lie", i was BLOWN. AWAY. i loathe meghan fox, i think her face just looks, she married david from 90210. who's like twice her age. and i wanna burn that stupid marilyn monroe tattoo off her arm...she looks ridiculous, with all her constant pouting and bombshelling.

but SHE IS AMAZING IN THIS VIDEO. she should stop acting, it won't get better than this. and rihanna? don't even get me started on how ballsy she is for going big for this one.

please watch. it's NOT the radio edit, so be careful at work...but i promise, you WON'T regret it.


a.p. said...

there was a time when i was so in love with eminem... ha ha. glad to know he's still cool!

i agree with you on megan fox. ick. i'm glad my rosie (vs angel) is replacing her in the new transformers movie! go rosie!!

bananas. said...

i friggen LOVE megan fox...LOVE HER! wish she'd calm down on the lip injects but other than that she's GORGEOUS! yup!

that was the first time i've seen that videa. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY AMAZING!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

Am I wrong for thinking that this video is incredibly HOT? Both Rihanna and Megan Fox look f'ing stunning, it's altogether beautiful, and man! I'd never seen it till now (thanks!), but I love the song. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Poverty is stranger to industry.........................................

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hot hot hot. This video is hot! And the song is actually my lss (last song syndrome)