Monday, August 16, 2010

getting spoiled is TOTALLY what it's cracked up to be

my shopping as a way of willing it to be fall continues....i just want it to be cool!!! but this weekend, i did get some cute things that i can wear now when it's 140000 degrees out...and they'll be cute when it cools off with cardis and coats.
is it wrong to buy 3 ruffled shirts at the time? cuz i most definitely got this shirt, and one in a creamy light green color...and then a totally diffferent ruffled neckline shirt in a dark beigey color. the ruffles. i want all of them. plus, won't this be cute under my cropped black motorcycle jacket?? i think so!
i also jumped on the cross-body tiny purse train....totally made fun of my mom for rocking one like 6 months ago....who knew mama was such a fashion plate?! now they're everywhere...and i totally get the appeal of NOT lugging around my giant purse on a day-long shopping trip. or out on the town.

as you all know, i was having kind of a down week last week....just feeling really blah and not myself. so, being an awesome hubs....the hubs told me wednesday night he bought me a present, and got it shipped to the house.

i expected this....

and what i got....was this.
i literally almost started crying friday afternoon when i got home and opening the shipping box and saw that blue....i couldn't really believe it. the hubs has bought me tiffany before...but that's for christmas. or my birthday. not a random friday.

so this pretty pretzel is now living in my jewelry box...isn't it precious?! i love me. classy, but a little funky and different. i know material things aren't the basis of a good marriage....but knowing that the hubs would do something like this, just to cheer me up and make me happy?? it makes my heart swell, and i feel like i could just burst with love.


Salt said...

Wow! The hubs has fabulous taste! That pretzel necklace is adorb. :)

And one can never have too many ruffly shirts. Well...they probably could, but I don't think you should worry about three.

bananas. said...

that pretzel necklace is the shit! seriously one of the cutest things i've seen in a long time.

even cuter than a few of the newborns my friends keep popping out. wait, did i just say that out loud! oops.

怡靜怡靜怡靜怡雯 said...


a.p. said...

i would take tiffany's anyday! what a wonderful surprise!!!

glad you're feeling better. nothing like a little retail therapy to lift those spirits right?

Cindy said...

LOVE little blue boxes with white bows :)