Monday, August 2, 2010

i've never wanted to make out with a home depot employee before....

as i've mentioned, the hubs and i are slowly but surely fixing up our home, in hopes of putting it on the market later this year/early next year. so just about each weekend, we truck up the hill to Home Depot. it's literally less than a quarter mile from our house, so it's super convenient.

and this weekend, was the coup de grace.

behold our kitchen before we moved in. that stove is gone, THANK GOODNESS, but for the most part it's the exact same. with more crap on the countertops. but the white cabinets are are the bright brass fixtures. and the linoleum that "looks" like tile....still there.
and see, the rest of our house is hardwood flooring. other than the bathrooms, and the big downstairs den, we're a hardwood house. and i LOVE it.

so, the hubs and i are at HD yesterday, getting fans to change out upstairs (notice that HIDEOUS brass one in the above photo? it was tossed 2 weeks ago. but the upstairs ones are just as bad). fans in our cart, we head down the tile aisle to the register, because i like browsing.

HD dude: you guys looking to replace your floor?
Hubs: why??
HD dude: seriously, are you guys gonna redo your floor anytime soon?
Hubs: seriously...why??

and then he gestures to the flat cart, with nine boxes on it. tells us the hardwood flooring was specially ordered, and ordered wrong. so they've only got these 9 boxes, and can't put them with the rest of the floors. the boxes are originally about $120 dollars a box.


one dollar. for the price of a value fry at mickey d's, these dudes wanna give me gorgeous, glorious, reddish flooring for my kitchen. i thought the hubs' eyes were gonna bug out of his head. we were all "um, yes please, we'd love them, ring it up asap so you don't change your mind".

$9 people. $9 for a brand-new, way too gorgeous upgrade for my kitchen. and it's close enough in tone to the rest of the wood that we'll just have to figure out a way to cover up the separation between the kitchen and what will be the dining room.

i'm still so excited i can hardly stand it. four cents a square foot people. i don't think you can buy dirt, or boxes for hobos that cheap.


Anonymous said...

HOLY COW! How awesome!!! Good for you! I can't wait to see pictures of it! Definitely a "steal" and a "deal!" hehe! :)

Salt said...

OMG!! That is AMAZING. I have never gotten that good a deal on anything in my entire life.

I can't wait to see it when it's all done! The kitchen had so much potential when you moved in...I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

Freck said...

OMG WHAT A STEAL!!! How exciting!! Live it up, that rocks!

JMay said...

That's so great :-)

Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

bananas. said...

girrrrrl you won that lottery with that score! can you send me a lock of your hair so i can have some of that luck of yours? ;)

Brittany said...

holy buckets! I'm pretty sure you hit the motherload! :)

Don't change your underwear, they must be lucky..

but then if you dont... uhh you may never get lucky again.. thats kinda gross :)

on second though.. just do a happy dance and enjoy your luck :)