Friday, August 13, 2010

it's friday the 13th...and i had a run-in with the lawnmower man

so one of the perils of being a stay-at-home wife is that i feel REALLY bad if the hubs does yardwork when he gets home. so last weekend, he cut the backyard, which is HUMONGOUS, and then i was supposed to cut the flat front yard, and the side...except it got hot. so i decided to do it this week.


it all started yesterday, when i cut the side, and then the front....all's going fine and well and good, minus the fact that it was about 5000% humidity. until...

this. don't be jealous of my artistic representation of my front yard....half cut, and half not. because the lawnmower CUT OFF. and wouldn't come back on. see, we've got an evil contraption of a non-self-propelled i have to PUSH it. and it wasn't having any of that. so i stopped. and the front yard looked like my awesome picture.

this morning, i decide to man up and finish the job.

going along, minding my own mowing business...until i feel something on my left ankle.

i look down, and there's at least a dozen of these....

so it takes me about 4 seconds to get my shoe off, sweep them all off my foot, and bang my shoe on the ground trying to get them all off.

that's right, i'm jumping around ON ONE FOOT IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY. thank goodness we're pretty much the classiest folks in the neighborhood...driveway ant killing doesn't trump setting someone's yard on fire in then trashtrastic neighbor scale.

seriously...who does that happen to?! and more importantly....what's the likelihood i can talk the hubs into letting me out of lawn duty??


Salt said...

Personally, I know that whenever we have a yard, mowing is one thing that I'm never going to want to try. I'll probably end up cutting off one of my limbs knowing my luck.

My mom just got attacked by ants the other week!! They bit her all over her foot and it was like a horror movie and now I am more terrified of ants than ever. They probably looked just like the one in your picture. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Kelsey712 said...

oh my gosh... and that is why hubbies are in charge of mowing!

Friday the 13th, gotta love it!

48684 said...


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I actually don't mind mowing the lawn... or I didn't anyway. I haven't lived somewhere where I've had to in awhile but come next month I'll have to again!