Friday, August 20, 2010

feeling like a bad parent

on a warm august day about 2 years ago....our family of 2 became a family of 3.
when this little nugget of adorableness came to live with us. Bojangles Knowshon, the best pug in the whole world (even cooler than the talking pug in Men in Black, which people ask us about EVERY SINGLE TIME we take him somewhere). and since he was itty bitty....we just let him live in our downstairs bathroom. so he could use puppy pads and learn to hold his business.

well...then we litter trained him. yes, they make litter for dogs. no, i don't know any other person on the planet who's actually used it but us. so since he was go in his box....we kept entertaining the idea of getting him a crate....partly because he has scratched giant holes in the drywall. he's kind of a drama queen.

right after christmas...he became a brother.
when keno came home with us, we got him a crate because he was a shelter dog and totally used to the whole probs.
now bo is this big, NOT a little nugget anymore....and since we're working to get our home fixed up and put on the market....we need to reclaim his room. and so yesterday....he got kicked out.

and into a crate made for golden retrievers or german shepards. for a 16 lb dog.


it literally makes my heart hurt when he looks RIGHT AT ME and whines his pitiful little whine, like "mama, WHYYYYYY am in here?? i know i've got my box and my cozy bed....but it's WRONG".

even keno thinks he's being a little too dramatic...he'll bark at him when he whines for like 10 minutes's very "seriously dude, CHILL. OUT. we get treats every time we come in these's not a bad gig. plus, mom leaves us top 40 radio to listen to, and i love me some ke$ha".

my mom swears he loooooooves the crate he stays in when he visits them, and he'll hop right in there when nate puts them up...does he know mom is a softie??

anyone crate trained a dog that's not a puppy? do they stop being total crybabies??


Hannah @ The New Black said...

That puppy picture of him is SO cute! We don't ever crate our pup at home anymore, but when he goes to 'Grandma's' when we're out of town he spends a bit of time in his crate and HATES it.

My heart hurts a little bit for him when he whines, but then I just tell myself that he's preying on my weakness and that he's really fine.

Kinda like saying yeah, I'd love to live in a mansion, but I can get by in a townhome. Hope he stops guilting you soon! ☺

Tasha King said...

Talk to my aunt Lu, Marilu Novy on my FB, she helps train dogs in anyway, and all her pups/dogs are crate trained.... just shoot her an email, she helps run PAWS as well

DanaElayne said...

My two boxers love their crates. When we say bedtime, Lucy will literally RUN to her crate. Boris is less excited, but he goes right in during the day. They are crated during the day. Snooze city! Boris is out and about at night, but he usually ends up just sleeping in his crate (door open).

It just takes patience.

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Oh my gosh. Crate training is horrible, but I promise, they do learn to calm down. Chester isn't in love with it, but he knows it's where he belongs when we leave. Hope Bo gets the memo.

恩宛玲如 said...


bananas. said...

bodie is somewhat crate trained. he'll wine and bitch but eventually he'll give up. omar on the other hand will go in a crate much easier than bodie but due to his insomnia all night he will also keep dave and i awake. no bueno.

Salt said...

Poor guy!! I know nothing about dogs, so I will be of no help to you, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that he chills out soon. They are both adorable!