Thursday, January 17, 2013

wearing words on my wrist

i love fancy things. i love looking at pricy shoes, i ogle handbags that are over $1000, i'm a total sucker for the giant diamonds i always find in martha stewart weddings.

but loving them, and OWNING them are 2 different things.

i is my favorite store. and i STILL hardly ever buy things there that aren't on sale, or from the clearance racks.

so when i saw this bracelet while browsing the internet, i immediately loved it.
but $72?? FOR THAT??

lulu frost, i say this with the nicest of out your damn mind.

but the idea wouldn't get out of my did what any girl would do...
i hit michaels.

less than $5, some googling and about 20 minutes later, i had this.
technically, i took this picture backwards, for all of you fluent in morse code.

 i decided to make mine say "faith"...since it's my middle name and all.  and more important to me than luck =)

i love the mixed metal. i love that i'll be wearing this ALL the time with my arm stacks.  i love that it looks super cute by itself too.

i also MIGHT be addicted to these now...i want to find some colored beads like the original and make one with my wedding date!

anyone else knocked out an awesome DIY project lately?


Claire Kiefer said...

Love it! But most of all, I love how you find stuff you like and make it. :)

Marwa Bahssali said...

That would make such a sweet gift for someone because in most cases you'd both be the only people who knew what a lovely message it gave :)