Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sometimes, it pays to have a handy husband

i'll admit it....for all the crap i give him about being the only wife we know who's always gotta help out with construction projects and serious manual labor...the man can complete a project.

sometimes, in just a day.

saturday morning, we woke up to this in our kitchen....same as EVERY SINGLE DAY since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago.

i loathe that vent hood with every fiber of my being. mostly because, despite how much i think it sucks...it doesn't actually suck at all. as in....it makes noise. and allows my house to fill with smoke.  way to go vent hood....way to go.

give him and hour and a big crowbar thingie....and the hubs turned that, into this.
yeah....it's basically a hole.  with another weird hole in it. sometimes...it's fun living in an old house.

BUT after a few more hours of doing some kind of wiring shenanigans and some kind of hammering that was really loud...this now lives in my kitchen.
moving on up...TO THE EAST SIDE!!!

or at least the side that features a fancy-ass microwave that not only will keep my house unsmoked on the OH-SO-RARE occasion that i get something a little....warmer than anticipated, let's just say, but that also is basically the fanciest microwave ever.

or at least the fanciest one that is NOT from walmart.  cuz this bad boy HAS A MELT BUTTON. butter, chocolate, cheese...i can do it all. i can also tell it to soften my cream cheese, and cook me a hot dog.

i MIGHT end up his minion when he becomes self-aware and takes over our home...but that's cool. he'll probably bring popcorn for a snack.


Claire Kiefer said...

Wait a minute--is there a vent on the bottom of your microwave?

Awesome job, Nate!

AmandaDF said...

That's awesome! I need a new vent - I'm sure my neighbors are sick of hearing the smoke alarm haha

Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

I'd give anything for a melt button! :) Your hubby has impressive skills, I wouldn't even want mine to attempt that! lol!

Nat said...

Love it! My husband is not handy at all- so I'm super jealous!! Could I borrow him for a for weeks to do some projects around my house?