Thursday, January 31, 2013

and they were all yellow

in the spring of 2011, we got one of a bazillion random phone calls from my mom that happen to this day.

this one was asking if we wanted some bulbs. cue the WTF.

turns out, one of her neighbors was digging up a bunch of daffodil bulbs and gave a ton to mom...who wanted to pass them on.

so we brought some home, we googled. and we planted.

and then nothing happened.

and then spring 2012 rolled around, and our little bulbs started sprouting and growing nice long green leaves....AND NOTHING ELSE.

i figured we did something wrong (we're a bit of a black thumb family around these parts), and didn't think much about it when the leaves started coming up again a few weeks ago.

so imagine my surprise when i left home friday morning with a the start of a little something on one plant, and came home to this.

the fact that it happened on the day we buried my uncle?

i most definitely believe in signs, and this sunny little blossom made my heart so full. knowing my aunt and uncle are together again. and they're doing just fine now =)

i've got more yellow on tap for tomorrow....
 any guesses what it could be??


Sarah Wyland said...

Oh I love this! My family believes cardinals are signs from our loved ones and this morning when I parked at work, I saw the most beautiful cardinal sitting on a tree near my car. It's not exactly prime bird weather here so I just assumed it was my Papa coming to say hey. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I didn't know your uncle passed away. :( So sorry your family is having to go through that. How very sweet about he daffodils, though.

Nat said...

That sounds like such a sign! We are moving and I'm hoping to do bulbs at our next house, it's always fun to wait for them to pop up