Friday, January 25, 2013

The A to Z of HFD

  bff + pug + champ = best way to start a new year. in case you was wonderin'.
age - 29 and a little more than half...i'm hanging on to that half for dear least until april. then i'll start accepting my impending triple decade status.
bed size - shit.  one of these days the hubs and i will upgrade and get something designed for 2 grown-ass humans....until he realizes that's just more covers for me to steal.
chore you hate - um. all of them? but for realsies, i REFUSE to empty out the little trap in the bottom of the sink. GAG.
dogs - heck yes...that little nugget of love you see above who goes by the name Bojangles, plus his brother Keno (who is not a pug. he's some kind of weird corgi/australian cattle dog mix. with PTSD from his prison gang days).
essential start to your day - coffee usually....unless it's balls hot. 
favorite color - pink....right now, retina-searing neon pink. and her cousin highlighter yellow.
gold or silver -all of the golds.  really into their cousin rose lately....she's PURTY.
height - 5 feet 10 inches...aka tall enough that ankle pants are crops, and regular pants are ankle pants.
instruments you play - i can play a little piano (i think? it's been a hot minute), and i spent one horrible year in 6th grade playing clarinet....damn devil horn, i hated that thing.
job title - trophy wife.  kept woman. president, CEO and sweatshop worker for the glittered owl.
kids -not yet!
live - in the dirrty south. 
married - For 3+ years, to the dude who knows me best.  and who always takes out the trash.
nicknames - my mom calls me bug or hayley bug.  and most of my friends have called me hales at one point or another.
overnight hospital stays - not yet ::knock on wood::
pet peeve - things spelled with Ks that are supposed to be spelled with Cs.  stupid drivers.  ignorance in any form.  you-neek baby names. 
righty or lefty - southpaw FO' LIFE.  except i can't use left-handed scissors, and i always open soda cans with my right hand.
siblings - one sister....not sure i could handle any more!
time you wake up - usually by 10 am....i'm such a brat.
university attended - University of Georgia, GO DAWGS!
vegetables you dislike - okra. bell peppers. squash. lima beans. collard greens.  but i LOVE black-eyed peas, so they're not gonna take my southern card away
what makes you run late - OTHER PEOPLE. i'm such a punctuality freak.
x-rays you’ve had - my teeth, and i had a cat scan of my head when i was in HS and had a wicked sinus infection
yummy food - right now, can't stop thinking about this asian peanut dish i made for dinner last night...SO GOOD. 
zoo animal favorite - giraffes!


Claire Kiefer said...

I had no idea you hated squash! Do you hate all kinds of squash? Man, it's one of my faves. But I like all the things on your don't like list. :) My hates are simple: meat, mushrooms, mayonnaise. UGH.

My sister and I HAAAAATE the C/K thing. Krazy Korner! Kat's Kleaners! OMG WTF.

These are fun to read :)

Layne Adams said...

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