Thursday, January 10, 2013

he's my very favorite dessert

yesterday, on my 29 and a 1/2 birthday, i got the best half-birthday present a girl could ever ask for.

i got to meet and snuggle and love on my new nephew.

i'm not his aunt in the blood-related sense, but more the his mom is part of the family i've chosen for myself kind of way. and his mom and dad are both only children, so my other bestie and i totally have VIP aunt status.

blog world, meet Griffin James.  better known around these parts as Brownie.

why brownie you ask...did his mom have an unusual affinity for chocolatey desserts when he was pregnant? nope. 

i had a dream.

a really vivid, really realistic dream about a month before any of us even knew that he was a he.  and in that dream, our group of friends were hanging out and his mom and dad sat us down and said "we're having a boy...we're naming him Brownie." 

and that was that.  no one said "um, maybe you should go with non-food names for this son of yours" OR "hey, that's how you somehow end up on maury".

and thus, to his aunt Hales, at least for awhile, maybe forever...he's Brownie.

and i love him to death.


Sarah Wyland said...

Oh how precious!!

Claire Kiefer said...

He's soooooo sweet! I bet you're a mighty proud auntie! Also: Griffin is such a great name. Then again, so is Brownie. ;)