Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the classiest drunk on the block

now i love wine and good cold beer as much as the next girl...but at my core, in my ooey-gooey center...i'm a bourbon girl.

i'd gladly give up all the chardonnay in the world if it meant my beloved jim beam would never leave me side.

so back many moons ago when target and neimans announced their fancy-ass collaboration, i was eyeballing the altuzarra bar set like a fat kid eyeballs a freshly frosted cake.

when i told the hubs the glasses and shaker were $50 EACH, he wasn't having any of that shit. especially since TECHNICALLY we have plenty of pretty glasses from our wedding a few years back.  plus, apparently he thought they were "heinous", but what does he know...he wore pleated pants before i got my hands on him.

but when the collection went half off, i snatched those glasses up SO. DAMN. FAST. but i didn't get the shaker, cuz again....$50 for barware i don't "need" seemed a little steep, even to this booze-loving babe...especially around christmas.

but last week?? last week when i found out it was all 70% off?!
welcome home lover. you're among friends now.

and metallic owls, but that's neither here nor there now is it.
i've also gotta figure out where to put this thrift store gem on my blinged out buffet. and maybe get a fancy decanter so i can really get my drink on in style.

p.s....they're both still online, so if you're super envious of my retro-fabulousness...snag the glasses and the shaker.

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Claire Kiefer said...

They're so pretty! If we had a bar (which I want so badly), I'd be all over that. Matt is a bourbon guy. I'm a wine girl, though I usually won't turn down a beer. And I generally operate under the "When in Rome" philosophy: margaritas at Mexican restaurants, mint juleps on southern porches, etc.