Friday, January 4, 2013

trying to spend my coaching bonus

if you're a football fan like i've probably heard that about a million NFL coaches got the ax last weekend.  and they should probably just all go ahead and offer me a bazillion dollars each to work, because i have proven that i am AWESOME at coaching.


the woodland honey badgers are the jam y'all.

and since i totally helped coach our team (by "coach", i obviously mean "obsessively check our score each week, and cheer for our players. and sometimes yell at them for sucking and not getting us enough points"), the hubs split his winnings with me!

i ain't stupid enough for argue with getting paid $50 to do something i'd have done all season anyways, with the added bonus that nate didn't whine about watching the games on sundays.

so, i've narrowed it down to 2 choices...but i'm torn
first, there are these earrings, the danielles by kendra scott. they're nice and big, but not too overwhelming...they make a statement without being too fussy. i already have a blue pair i LOVE, and grey is basically my most favorite neutral ever.

BUT i've also been lusting after kendra's skylar earrings since they first came out. ESPECIALLY in this chalcedony color.  i adore the mint green, i adore the arrowhead shape, i adore that they are also tres statement-without-the-fuss.

so, which would you rock in your ear holes??  cuz i love them both equally, and i'm having the HARDEST time choosing!!


Sarah Wyland said...

I love both but I'm thinking the first one has an edge - gray can be paired with most anything!

ashleypepitone said...

The grey, but only because you'll get to wear them more often!

AmandaDF said...

I'm gonna go grey - I'm liking the shape of those ones!