Thursday, May 31, 2012

i don't need no stinking airline...but i might need a crane.

i have a confession to make. i have an airline snacks.

but not just any airline cookies.

aka biscoff cookies....aka the best cookies IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. forget those little girl scout whiners with their badges and their favorite cookies come from a smiling lady in blue who ALSO gives me free soda.

so imagine my sheer delight and glee when last week, i went to the grocery store and they had a jar of golden, gingernsap but not deliciousness just sitting there waiting for my to have an internal full-on freakout.
blog my absolute current favorite thing. biscoff spread on ritz crackers. it's like the most perfect sweet treat, with a little salty crunch....dare i say i like this BETTER than the cookies themselves?? i think i might!

6 days in....and i've got about half a jar running around in my veins. which isn't too shabby, considering i could probably eat a whole jar in one sitting if i didn't force myself to take it upstairs and into the kitchen after about 6 crackers.

i'm trying to think of other things i could eat this spread with that don't involved just a spoon and my own personal shame.

at least i made this for dinner last night for some veggie and chicken goodness before my biscofff binge ;)

anyone else love delta cookies, or biscoff spread? you should definitely try it if you haven't!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

and they were all yellow...

it's clear i have a problem.

and that problem has once again shown itself to be neon yellow.
got this necklace at kohls for a song, and finally swapped out the heinous black cord for something a little classier.

and then a little trip to home depot and some spray paint, and i've got this fancypants geometric necklace. i love her.
and i might have done a little dance when this beauty arrived in the mail yesterday. she's a little smaller than my current army green steve madden satchel bag...BUT SHE'S NEON YELLOW. and she doesn't look cheap and sleezy like some of the neon yellow bags i've seen. and she doesn't cost more than my monthly grocery bill like some OTHER neon bags i've seen.  for $30 from shoplately? HELL TO THE YES.

and no, of COURSE i didn't also buy some neon yellow nail polish this weekend. of course not.

i'm not currently rocking a neon orange capable of stopping traffic on my nails right now either. never. not me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

how hard can hiding boxes be??

my name is hayley, and i have ANOTHER shopping obsession.

a shopping boyfriend if you will.

he's very fashionable, and gay obviously...cuz the funnest ones are.  once a day, he sends me an email with lots of fun new accessories that are on sale. 

and his name is shoplately.
yep. got these in the mail monday, and the blue ones went on my ears ASAP. omg i am obsessed. 

these 2 earrings, plus a cute little skull necklace for sis, PLUS shipping? a whopping $20 and change. 


 and yes...i am weak. i have already purchased a neon bag, and a pair of silver studs that should be here by the end of the week.

so, if you're interested...sign up here. you'll get a $5 credit after your first purchase, and if you use the code SHOPLATELY, you can get $5 off when you spend $25!

i'll be at home, trying to figure out how many times i can tell the hubs "no babe, i've had these forever" before he starts getting suspicious.

Monday, May 14, 2012

i wanna kick a lady in the ankle...and in her face.

see that dashing fellow to my left?

he's my totally awesome, harley-riding, best a girl could ever ask for dad.

and right now...he's laying in a hospital bed.  and his eldest daughter would REALLY appreciate any prayers you've got!

on saturday, i got a frantic call from my mom that they were headed to the ER, but that my dad was "mostly okay".

he was riding his harley home after a morning of tearing up the highway with his buddies. less than 10 miles from home, some woman decided that a stop sign was just a suggestion INSTEAD OF THE LAW, and blew right through it.

and my dad, and his bike, slammed right into her passenger side.

according to the nice folks that were having some kind of party at their house and saw the whole thing, he flew 20+ feet before landing on the asphalt. all these nice people also made sure the police who arrived knew that they all saw the woman run the sign. my dad was in NO WAY at fault.

thank God he's only got a busted ankle. granted, it's a fractured on both sides, required surgery yesterday morning ankle. it's a he won't be allowed to put ANY weight on it for about 3 months ankle. it's a there's gonna be some major adjustments at my parent's house for the rest of 2012 ankle.

but it's JUST an ankle. his helmet wasn't even scratched. all his scans showed NOTHING but a busted ankle. and the soreness that comes from wrecking into the ground...but mostly, just an ankle.

yes, i saved it up on my wedding day, and only full-on ugly cried during our dance. cuz you know...that's how the cool kids roll.

so if you could send some good thoughts my daddy's way, that'd be awesome. my parents will be doing what they do best once he gets out of the hospital....dealing. making things okay. figuring out what's next.

and i'll be making sure daddio is stocked with treats, and movies. lots of movies.  so maybe some earplugs for my mom too =)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

boys are hard to buy for

in less than two weeks, i will be married to an old man.

okay, he won't really be old...he'll be 30. and i think it's hilarious to call him grandpa. especially during the 6 weeks or so when he's 2 years older than me instead of just 1.

but right now, i'm in the full-on thick of "what the heck do i get him that he'll love and won't be something that anyone else will get andthathe'llrememberforeverthathegotfromhislovelywifeonhis30thbirthdayandONEDAYOURGRANDKIDSCOULDGETONEDAYOMGGGGGAYAYAYAYYEYEY IT MUST BE PERFECCCCCTTTTT.

 yeah. that.

clearly, i am insane person.

and while i have a smaller presents for the mister...i think i want to get him a watch for his "big" present.

but not too big, because i know how he is and if i spend a ton on him...he'll go nuts when it's my birthday. and while getting spoiled IS the awesome, we're also trying to save the monies around here. cuz otherwise we won't have kids until i'm 67 and end up on good morning america.

soooo...right now, here are my favorite options from fossil. cuz he has several fossils already, and LOVES them.

first...the darks.
he doesn't have anything like either of these...but are they too casual for occasional quasi-dressy wear?

then, we have the browns
i LOVE a brown watch, i think they're so cool....and he just got a rose gold one, so this would be like that...but not.

and then we have the category i like to call....the watches hayley is most likely to steal.
ooooh i love a dark grey watch. they're a sexy timepiece. yes, i rolled my eyes typing it...but there it is.

so, i need some imput! what would YOU get your main squeeze to go with his "over the hill" status? ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mama needs a whole menagerie

youever have those moments where you see something on pinterest, and you know it could either go really well....or blow up in your face?
yep...i figured these 2 little guys would be one of those. they cost me a whopping $4 at michaels (aka my mecca, and where i swear i spend all my money somehow).

they've been sitting around my house for about 2 weeks, just waiting for their time to shine...literally.

a coat of spray primer, and then the magic happened.
oh hello there new silver tiger look WAY classier than you did about an hour ago.
and i literally cannot form words for how obsessed i am with this neon ditty. cuz who doesn't need a hot pink deer necklace in their life?? I KNOW I DO.

the only thing i did to them after the painting was screwing in an eyelet hook (and i got a pack of 8 i think for $1 at home depot. SUCH an easy project, and i always have chain around cuz i'm a jewelry supply hoarder apparently).

i also have every intention of painting LOTS more things with my new favorite spray paint....and maybe, just maybe hitting home depot for its yellow cousin.

and then my retinas will burn out from all the neon, BUT I'LL BE SO WELL ACCESSORIZED I WON'T EVEN CARE.

if you follow me on instagram, prepare to see them bad boys being sported A LOT in the very near future.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

who needs forever21...

...when you've got a home depot practically in your backyard?

for the record....$4 worth of hinges, plus some jump rings and about 20 minutes of sitting on your couch catching up on episodes of grey's anatomy = a sweet new bracelet.

totally worth the insane look from the hubs when i told him i needed to buy some things from the depot.