Wednesday, May 16, 2012

how hard can hiding boxes be??

my name is hayley, and i have ANOTHER shopping obsession.

a shopping boyfriend if you will.

he's very fashionable, and gay obviously...cuz the funnest ones are.  once a day, he sends me an email with lots of fun new accessories that are on sale. 

and his name is shoplately.
yep. got these in the mail monday, and the blue ones went on my ears ASAP. omg i am obsessed. 

these 2 earrings, plus a cute little skull necklace for sis, PLUS shipping? a whopping $20 and change. 


 and yes...i am weak. i have already purchased a neon bag, and a pair of silver studs that should be here by the end of the week.

so, if you're interested...sign up here. you'll get a $5 credit after your first purchase, and if you use the code SHOPLATELY, you can get $5 off when you spend $25!

i'll be at home, trying to figure out how many times i can tell the hubs "no babe, i've had these forever" before he starts getting suspicious.

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Gracie Beth said...

Thank you for posting! I just ordered three pairs of earrings!