Monday, May 14, 2012

i wanna kick a lady in the ankle...and in her face.

see that dashing fellow to my left?

he's my totally awesome, harley-riding, best a girl could ever ask for dad.

and right now...he's laying in a hospital bed.  and his eldest daughter would REALLY appreciate any prayers you've got!

on saturday, i got a frantic call from my mom that they were headed to the ER, but that my dad was "mostly okay".

he was riding his harley home after a morning of tearing up the highway with his buddies. less than 10 miles from home, some woman decided that a stop sign was just a suggestion INSTEAD OF THE LAW, and blew right through it.

and my dad, and his bike, slammed right into her passenger side.

according to the nice folks that were having some kind of party at their house and saw the whole thing, he flew 20+ feet before landing on the asphalt. all these nice people also made sure the police who arrived knew that they all saw the woman run the sign. my dad was in NO WAY at fault.

thank God he's only got a busted ankle. granted, it's a fractured on both sides, required surgery yesterday morning ankle. it's a he won't be allowed to put ANY weight on it for about 3 months ankle. it's a there's gonna be some major adjustments at my parent's house for the rest of 2012 ankle.

but it's JUST an ankle. his helmet wasn't even scratched. all his scans showed NOTHING but a busted ankle. and the soreness that comes from wrecking into the ground...but mostly, just an ankle.

yes, i saved it up on my wedding day, and only full-on ugly cried during our dance. cuz you know...that's how the cool kids roll.

so if you could send some good thoughts my daddy's way, that'd be awesome. my parents will be doing what they do best once he gets out of the hospital....dealing. making things okay. figuring out what's next.

and i'll be making sure daddio is stocked with treats, and movies. lots of movies.  so maybe some earplugs for my mom too =)


Gwen said...

My prayers are with your Dad for a quick and speedy recovery! I know the scare those phone calls create. I received one from my sister a few years ago. She way hysterical because her husband and his sister had just been hit. Same situation only the car actually hit them. They are both fine and only suffered some serious road rash. People don't realize that the one second they make a dumb decision can ruin the lives of many. Prayers for you also.

Kristyn said...

My prayers are with you and your family. I am sure your father will have a speedy recovery and will be back to his old self again.

Sonya said...

Yes a swift kick or two is really needed! I'm so glad you're dad is going to be ok. Prayers for quick healing!

bananas. said...

oh man i almost crapped my pants just reading that! so so glad it was just an ankle...

don't want to scare you even more but dave's friend's buddy just died in a motorcycle accident so this is kinda thing is not something to take lightly.

sending all my positive thoughts your daddy's way...and lots of virtual hugs your way. xoxo.