Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mama needs a whole menagerie

youever have those moments where you see something on pinterest, and you know it could either go really well....or blow up in your face?
yep...i figured these 2 little guys would be one of those. they cost me a whopping $4 at michaels (aka my mecca, and where i swear i spend all my money somehow).

they've been sitting around my house for about 2 weeks, just waiting for their time to shine...literally.

a coat of spray primer, and then the magic happened.
oh hello there new silver tiger cub...you look WAY classier than you did about an hour ago.
and i literally cannot form words for how obsessed i am with this neon ditty. cuz who doesn't need a hot pink deer necklace in their life?? I KNOW I DO.

the only thing i did to them after the painting was screwing in an eyelet hook (and i got a pack of 8 i think for $1 at home depot. SUCH an easy project, and i always have chain around cuz i'm a jewelry supply hoarder apparently).

i also have every intention of painting LOTS more things with my new favorite spray paint....and maybe, just maybe hitting home depot for its yellow cousin.

and then my retinas will burn out from all the neon, BUT I'LL BE SO WELL ACCESSORIZED I WON'T EVEN CARE.

if you follow me on instagram, prepare to see them bad boys being sported A LOT in the very near future.


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

you are a fucking genius

Sarah Wyland said...

Those look awesome! I spend a fair amount at Michael's too - I think I might have to replicate this. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I need to see this on you ASAP. I saw the pic on Instagram but I couldn't tell how big the little thing was. Show us what it looks like on!!! Also, I'm so impressed.

Lisa said...

Those turned out great! I wanna give the "gold" treatment to some less-than-impressive figurines around my house now!