Thursday, May 10, 2012

boys are hard to buy for

in less than two weeks, i will be married to an old man.

okay, he won't really be old...he'll be 30. and i think it's hilarious to call him grandpa. especially during the 6 weeks or so when he's 2 years older than me instead of just 1.

but right now, i'm in the full-on thick of "what the heck do i get him that he'll love and won't be something that anyone else will get andthathe'llrememberforeverthathegotfromhislovelywifeonhis30thbirthdayandONEDAYOURGRANDKIDSCOULDGETONEDAYOMGGGGGAYAYAYAYYEYEY IT MUST BE PERFECCCCCTTTTT.

 yeah. that.

clearly, i am insane person.

and while i have a smaller presents for the mister...i think i want to get him a watch for his "big" present.

but not too big, because i know how he is and if i spend a ton on him...he'll go nuts when it's my birthday. and while getting spoiled IS the awesome, we're also trying to save the monies around here. cuz otherwise we won't have kids until i'm 67 and end up on good morning america.

soooo...right now, here are my favorite options from fossil. cuz he has several fossils already, and LOVES them.

first...the darks.
he doesn't have anything like either of these...but are they too casual for occasional quasi-dressy wear?

then, we have the browns
i LOVE a brown watch, i think they're so cool....and he just got a rose gold one, so this would be like that...but not.

and then we have the category i like to call....the watches hayley is most likely to steal.
ooooh i love a dark grey watch. they're a sexy timepiece. yes, i rolled my eyes typing it...but there it is.

so, i need some imput! what would YOU get your main squeeze to go with his "over the hill" status? ;)


Amy Lynn said...

ohhhh tough call. I like the first black one, and the last grey one the best.

Kristyn said...

That is tough. My boyfriend is impossible to shop for; especially when it comes to clothes and accessories. I love all those watches. Probably the black and they grey are my favorite. When my man turned 30, I got him a gift card so he could go shopping for some clothes. He is so picky about things, I knew I couldn't buy him anything that would do. Watches are great though and those are some great choices.

Bekkah said...

My hubby is also turning 30 in about two weeks and I had no clue what to do/ get for him. Then one day he mentioned wanting to go back to Disney World and BAM! A plan was hatched. We're going next week and staying in a pirate themed room since he loves all things pirate and Disney. I also got him some Maui Jim prescription sunglasses. :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

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