Tuesday, May 22, 2012

and they were all yellow...

it's clear i have a problem.

and that problem has once again shown itself to be neon yellow.
got this necklace at kohls for a song, and finally swapped out the heinous black cord for something a little classier.

and then a little trip to home depot and some spray paint, and i've got this fancypants geometric necklace. i love her.
and i might have done a little dance when this beauty arrived in the mail yesterday. she's a little smaller than my current army green steve madden satchel bag...BUT SHE'S NEON YELLOW. and she doesn't look cheap and sleezy like some of the neon yellow bags i've seen. and she doesn't cost more than my monthly grocery bill like some OTHER neon bags i've seen.  for $30 from shoplately? HELL TO THE YES.

and no, of COURSE i didn't also buy some neon yellow nail polish this weekend. of course not.

i'm not currently rocking a neon orange capable of stopping traffic on my nails right now either. never. not me.


bananas. said...

oh yea...we are TOTALLY neon soulmates.

loving the highliter yellow on you.

Domestic Sweetheart said...

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