Thursday, July 26, 2012

white girls can do neon tribal right?

oh pinterest....sometimes you just throw an idea in my face, and i CANNOT ignore its siren song. i HAVE to make whatever it is i've seen. asap.
apparently this is how mara hoffman styled her spring runway show...i'm going for a little less braided hair hair...but the same amount of neck-area awesomeness.
behold...the first of what will inevitably be several wrapped tribal-style necklaces. cuz i've got a crap-ton of this coral and pink cord, plus some green for good measure.

and i might be contemplating getting purple and yellow tomorrow at home depot...because i have a problem. and that problem is craft supply hoarding.

i used this tutorial...but really the only thing i needed to know was where to find the gold findings in the hardware store. for the's the plumbing section.

i'm also REALLY glad i went on a wednesday afternoon when it wasn't super busy, so no one bothered me in the plumbing fixture aisle with "hey, can i help you today?" cuz i don't really know how to explain to the middle-aged man in his home depot vest why i need these little gold tubes and some hot pink cording. plus...boys don't understand jewelry like this.

except the hubs...he dug it.

which means my mom is gonna HATE it.

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Claire Kiefer said...

I love all your crafty endeavors! I wanna see pics of these creations ON YOU so I can visualize what they look like in action. Also: so impressed that you get so much stuff at the hardware store! I never think to look there for fun/creative things.