Wednesday, July 25, 2012

can you cry over spilled cheese sauce?

it finally happened.

after living together for 5 years, i've been rejected.

nate refused to eat what i made for dinner monday night.
see, doesn't this look delish?? i'd pinned this recipe for avocado mac and cheese awhile ago...avocados, and spicy cheese sauce?? what's not to love?


he took one bite, and looked at me and said "i don't think i can eat this".

this is the dude who ate the biscuits i made with regular flour instead of self-rising, so they were like doughy hockey pucks. it's the guy who ate the boxed meal with the biscuit topping that i made too watery, so i added some pancake mix to the dough to thicken it...and it was a creepy giant flying saucer thing on top of chicken pot pie.

but this? this he wouldn't eat.

and yes...i may have shed a few tears, because in this is MY thing. so when he doesn't want ANY of hurt my feelings.

even though i didn't really like it either.

at least i know i can make a kickass meatloaf to make it up to him =)

anyone else had a spectacular kitchen failure??


bananas. said...

i've had many kitchen fails, believe me, but i can't name a time when dave would not eat the rest of his meal. i think he's been pretty kind to me.

i have to be honest, i saw that recipe on pinterest and went "hmm..." i mean i love avo and i love mac n cheese but together? i'm not so sure but one day i'll try it.

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

I know we've had a few things that have been complete failures although, I can't think of anything at the moment. Fret not, it's happened several times.

My esophagus has a superhuman abhorrence to avocado. I always want to try it to see if I like it, and my esophagus says, "ooooh, nice try, but no. Never."

Claire Kiefer said...

I don't think it's your fault at all. I think it's the nature of combining those two (albeit individually delicious) things. I mean avocado and mac & cheese are two of my faves, but I'm not sure about them together . . . I'm kind of a mac & cheese purist.

Matt will eat anything, for which I am grateful. But this cooking fail was not your fault. :)