Thursday, July 19, 2012

i never could resist a great bag

when you're out shopping with your husband on a random sunday, and you happen to find a bag that was originally $399 marked down to $97....YOU JUMP ON IT.

it was a bag i didn't even know i wanted, until it was staring me in the face and then i HAD to have it.

oh....did i mention said bag contained a full set of ladies left-handed golf clubs??

oh yes....the hubs and i...we're golfers now.

or i guess more accurately...we're people with golf clubs and practice balls who've been to the driving range once (me) and been golfing on a course once (him) and who haven't ended up in the emergency room for any golf-related injuries (yet, fingers crossed).

i'm actually really excited about's pretty fun, the clothes aren't heinous, i can totally be the one obnoxious girl with hot pink balls and tees and such,  PLUS it's something the hubs and i can do together as a hobby. our other hobbies don't really match up because i can't convince him crocheting is cool...and he can't convince me that getting shot with paintballs and running around in the woods is fun.

oh yeah...and you're totally allowed to drink on the golf course. TERVIS OF WINE RIGHT HERE PEOPLE.
my boyfriend ricky fowler totally approves of me golfing. and the color orange.

my goal for today is to find the most obnoxious sleeveless collared shirt i possibly can, cuz i'm gonna make up for in style what i currently lack in actual skills.

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Claire Kiefer said...

I've never golfed before! But if I could ride around in a golf cart with mimosas, I think I'd be all about it. Let me know how it goes!