Monday, July 9, 2012

nothing says happy birthday like government offices

i have officially entered the last year of my twenties.


i feel like 29 sounds like a grown-up age...even moreso than 28. and i'm pretty sure i'm for SURE supposed to be a grown-up a year from now.  good thing i've got 365 days to get a lock on that!!

i also started using night cream like a month at least i'm upping my skincare routine from a 15 year old to an 80 year old. yay me. but my nails are currently bright pink with glitter....which may counteract any residual night cream maturity.

today also marks the expiration date on my driver's license....and nothing says early birthday celebration quite like a trip to the dmv on a friday morning.

i'm thankful for several things about my trip....1, that it took less than an hour. 2. that i'm almost positive i managed to escape the whooping cough/typhoid fever/ebola the man behind me in the waiting area was suffering from, as he hacked up A STRAIGHT-UP LUNG about every 8 minutes.

and 3. at least i will now have the photo on the right for the next 8 years...instead of the HEINOUS photo on the left. it ain't great....but it doesn't make me feel like i belong on an episode of "cellblock 6: female lockup". face is NOT actually the size of a small planet, despite what these photos might show. everyone knows the dmv uses crappy equipment =) 

don't worry, there are fun parts to my birthday coming up...but they can't happen until the hubs gets home from work tonight and demand presents and cake until i pass out.


Sonya said...

Happy Birthday! Apparently this was the year that all July birthdays had to visit the DMV! I had to go as well. My bday is Saturday and I went about a month ago because I didn't want that task to ruin my bday!

tara said...

happy birthday! :)