Tuesday, June 5, 2012

is neonaholism a thing?

it's true.the rumors you've heard.

the ones about my time machine.


true story: in 1989, when i was a whopping 6 years old...i have both neon pink AND neon yellow socks. and i'd wear them both at the same time, with one color scrunched over the other. because clearly...i was the coolest blind 1st grader on the block.

and while i do love me some neon, CLEARLY....i also love not spending money on things. or at least....spending a very little amount. so i can buy more things with the same money. not for SAVING or anything...that ish is crazy talk. saving is for grown-ups. obviously...that is not me.

so, when i realized i had 2 bottles of neon acrylic paint hanging out at my house (yes, i bought them with no specific project in mind....AND NO YOU CAN'T JUDGE ME FOR IT), plus some fabric paint medium left over from making my super sweet hunger games tshirt....i decided to raid my closet and see what i could work with.

see....i'm the clumsy girl who can't help but get at least a spot of something on just about every white tee i own. it's why i always buy a new one or 2 every year from target/old navy/etc. 

but with a little masking tape, a little mixing of my paint and medium and about 30 minutes...i had the shirts you see above!

they are awesome. and the paint covers the tiny stains. and they were basically FREE since i had all the parts to make them already!!

plus...they're neon and pink and yellow. so clearly i will be wearing them until they turn threadbare and falling apart and i look like a sad neon hobo. or a really bright neon hobo...whichever comes first.

i may or may not be plotting a little neon chevron action in the near future.

also...apparently "masonry twine" is neon pink. and a giant roll of it is like $4 from home depot. so i whipped up a triple-wrap bracelet in about 15 minutes yesterday afternoon. you may have to pry it off my arm....because i am NEVER taking it off. ARM PARTY AHOY!!


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

eeek! I love!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Well done! I am right there with you with this feeling like it's 89 up in this place with all the neon. I sort of wish I still had long fake nails (I was in middle school in this time period) w/ hot neon colors on them. they don't seem as "rad" on small nails to me. Between the neon, massively deep hair parts w/ a flip and what not I feel like I'm 13-14 again!

Anonymous said...

the neon stripes are a cute idea. and I hope you get your entries in for my Summer Fun Giveaway! : )