Monday, March 12, 2012

are YOU on fire?

i'll be the first to admit...i didn't get the harry potter hype. i never even read the books until all of the movies were already out. and they WERE awesome...but i wasn't like "ommggggggg, i cannot believe i wasted my life not seeing every movie the second it came out".

i've actually never really cared that much about movie adaptions of books to the point of freaking out.

UNTIL NOW. because in less than two weeks, i have a much-anticipated date with my lady love, one katniss everdeen.


k, that was just my internal monologue sneaking out. it does that anytime a trailer comes on the tv.

and such as this is quite the important event...i HAVE to be properly attired.

enter one of my besties who is equally obsessed...and pinterest. cuz pinterest brought me this glorious tutorial with an awesome template to make a shirt.

so saturday...make we did.
trying out the tried and true freezer paper method. after going to two stores for said freezer paper...and spending at least 40 minutes getting hand cramps and going cross-eyed trying to get this bad boy cut out with an exacto knife (and for the record, i bought a new one. she's pink. and the hubs can't have her)
in progress. thanks for the glitter and metallic paint martha. you know i appreciate it.
THERE IS IT IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!!!! omggggg, i am so pumped. it looks even more awesome in person than on the screen. cuz it's all gold and orange and red and brown and bronze glittery. we literally said "omgggg it's soooooo awesome" like 57 times in the process of making these shirts.
oh yeah...and we might have split a bottle of wine after we got free bruster's ice cream in our pjs. as a celebration =)

anyone else ever crafted a little movie premier ensemble??


Sarah said...

I love the Hunger Games!! I've only read the first book but I'm so excited for the movie to come out!! And the shirt is cute, cute, cute!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

I'm debating reading it... I stopped and stared at the cover a while in walmart today... I just don't know if I have the energy for a series right now. That Martha Stewart paint looks awesome. So cool that it can be used so many ways. What a smart lady she is!

bananas. said...


those are awesome. you're awesome. katniss is awesome.

nuff said.

Jennifer said...

Well just so you know I'll now be making one of these shirts myself!!
I can't remember the last movie I saw in a theater but you bet your buns I'll be seeing this one this weekend. Can't wait!