Friday, March 23, 2012

you ever have those nights when you get bored on the internet so you go trolling around your favorite flash sale sites to see what they've got offered up?

no? just me? okay then....stick with me, eh?

last night's little foray into web shopping means these beauties will be on there way to me soon (not soon enough, cuz hautelook can take AGES to ship....but the deals are too good to pass up)

that necklace, plus my military vest from old navy and some black wedges? SICK.

and the druzy earrings will definitely be a go-to for me when i need something simple without resorting to my studs.

the best part? with my credits....these bad boys cost a whopping $25.

oh yeah, and i saved $110 off retail...HOLLLLAAAAA.

if you've never checked out hautelook, you totally should. you can even earn credits when your friends buy stuff, so you can get mad deals like this one ;)

and i promise, i haven't forgotten about my little teaser the other day....but the project is still in the completion stages. aka, the half-awesome-half-tornado-stricken stage.

BUT how about onnnnneeeee more little preview??


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

great finds lady!

anna said...

that necklace! i love. slay. me. dead. you are going to look fab (like always!)