Friday, March 30, 2012

i really hate sweating.

this is the face of a girl who just finished day two of her new workout plan.

this is the face of a girl whose current workout plan involves one around on the gym's 8 circuit training machines....and then 30 minutes on a treadmill (i have also decided to pick one person every day at the gym that makes me feel better about my quasi-lameness. was a fat kid on an eliptical. tied with an old man in a weight belt.)

for the record....i still hate working out. i think that whole workout high thing is a load of crock. i also would have been perfectly fine with the 10 lbs i dropped when i went from sitting on my couch, to standing around a wing joint 3 days a week.

but alas, the hubs decided it's time for him to work on his fitness...and i'll be damned if i let that boy get all fergilicious without me.

i fully intend to get some obnoxiously bright workout clothes to counteract how much i loathe actually working out. cuz...that makes total sense right? at the very least...i'll get some sweet new sneaks out of the whole shenanigans.

i also fully intend to put together the most obnoxious rap mix EVER to listen to while i'm getting my eventually-run-but-right-now-it's-just-fast-walking on. and it will be awesome right up until the point that i forget i'm in public and accidentally sing all the words to luda's "move bitch". CUZ I KNOW THEM YO.

so...i need to know what's on your perfect kickass playlist...cuz without some sweet tunes, i might lose my mind.

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AmandaDF said...

I always listen to GirlTalk- its mashups, but it's super fast paced and the whole album flows together, so it's like a playlist in itself!