Monday, March 19, 2012

in exactly one week...i will sitting in a dark theater, with a ginormous bucket of popcorn, and a gallon of coke zero to share with the hubs cuz that's how we roll. i'll be rocking my super sweet glittery shirt. and i will finally, FINALLY be witnessing the awesomeness that is The Hunger Games.

and yes, i'm aware it comes out midnight on friday....but i have a hubs who works. and would MURDER me for seeing it without him. i also have a bestie who has to work friday night, and a wedding to attend saturday night, and therefore a perfect storm of reasons why my date with ms. everdeen is a bit delayed.

now of course....the hubs knows how obsessed i am. he's the one who has to hear my squeal every time the trailer comes on the tv. but somehow...when he told me a few weeks ago he'd ordered me a present, i didn't ever think "hmm...perhaps it's hunger games related." last time i got a surprise was an electric blanket for the car.

so, imagine my surprise when this is what he puts in my eager little hands.

oh that's right fellow HG's a mockingjay pin. but not just ANY mockingjay pin.

this bad boy is 24k gold plated. and limited edition. and was ONLY given out at comic con last summer. NOT available for purchase there....just given out to lucky individuals who waited in line. it's also made by the movie it looks legit. not a shitty copy off the ebay via hong kong. or hot topic. which is even more tragic.

mine? she's #180. and i LOOOOOOOOVE her.

she will probably get worn to the movie, and then returned home to her plastic bag and her cardboard setting. she also MIGHT eventually live in a shadow box with a picture of the hubs and i in our matching shirts...cuz i'm a full-on nerd.


tomorrow's installment of "i'm a total spoiled brat thanks to my husband" will feature this little project from sunday afternoon =)

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bananas. said...

BITCH!!! i want that pin!!

k you're not a bitch but i'm definitely a jealous one! gah i want that pin!!!