Tuesday, March 6, 2012

when the cat's away....the mice get really bored, really quickly.

and by mice....i of course mean me, and the dogs. cuz the hubs is off getting his sin city on for work, cuz he's all fancy and important and gets to go to conferences. but APPARENTLY not fancy enough to get the company to pay for the wifey to come along.

and so since my wing-slinging is only part-time...i spent yesterday just hanging at the house, and catching up on tv.

oh yeah, and making myself MORE jewelry. cuz i'm a freak.

both these earrings come down at least past my chin....the balls come to my shoulders.

the chains were super easy, just different lengths and then tied with a knot. and the rhinestone balls have been taunting me for months, after they were removed from some braided chain bracelets i bought for SUPER cheap at jcpenney. these balls were not okay with those. but they are awesome for my head.

omg...how many times can a person write balls in one post??

and, my most favorite new thing that i can't wait to throw on....my obnoxiously large pyrite necklace.

yes, pyrite as in fool's gold.

it's hard to capture in a photo, but the stone really sparkles, while the wire wrapping makes it a little more casual for everyday wear. plus, my inner 7-year-old-rock-collecting self LOOOOOOVES it.

i'll be on my own until thursday....so who knows what else i'll whip up by then!!


AmandaDF said...

Love the pyrite necklace! You are so crafty!

Claire Kiefer said...

Awesome! I'm jealous of your skillz! I went through a jewelry making phase, but I didn't produce things quite this awesome. Those chain knot earrings are my fave, and the necklace is pretty amazing too. Impressed!