Monday, March 26, 2012

i still can't form words about the girl on fire

after months and months of waiting...i can FINALLY say i've seen the wonder that is The Hunger Games.

for the first time at least.....cuz no freaking way can i NOT see this flick again.

oh you know....just rocking our DIY mockingjay shirts at the theater. at 7:00 pm on a sunday. CUZ WE ARE AWESOME, OBVIOUSLY.

yep....this was us pretty much the whole time before the movie started. AND during it. and after.

now for my official thoughts....


i was totally tempted to end my official thoughts there....cuz it basically sums it up. but i'll elaborate for all you fellow fans....and for those of you who are so sick of the HG hype you could fight someone to the death....come to the dark side. it's WAY fun here.

it was so close to the books in actuality, and spot-on in spirit....i love love loved it. i totally got why they changed the details they did, because explaining them could have been challenging. and there were additions from the books that i thought were awesome (gamemakers in the fancy pants room with the computers?? AWESOME.).

i cried when i thought i would. i cringed when i thought i would. i jumped out of my skin once when i was NOT expecting it....but it was awesome.

casting? AMAZING. i couldn't have picked better people now that i've seen it. i also have a full-on, full-blown lady crush on jennifer lawrence. LOVE. HER. FACE.

it was totally worth waiting for. and it did NOT disappoint. and the hubs and i have already planned to see it at least once more....and probably again when it gets to the discount theater. and we'll be buying it on blu-ray when it comes out.

oh yeah....we may or may not have moved the gale cutout out of our picture.


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bananas. said...

first of all...that peeta cutout is so not true to size.

second...your HG review is by far the best!

team cinna forevs yo!