Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THIS is what i get up early for

in college, i made the mistake of registering for FRENCH at 8am my freshman year. it was awful. i never too another early class until senior year when i had to.

when i was working, i didn't have to be at the office until 9:30. so again....no super early for this girl.

but for shopping?? for shopping i will lose sleep over. black friday? alarm goes off about 4:45.

so of COURSE it was no different for the missoni for target launch....this bad boy has been in my calendar for MONTHS.

yes....the hubs did look at me like i was a grade-a nutcase for setting my alarm last night to go to target. but it had to be done. plus, how else was i supposed to fight off all the crazies trying to steal my goodies?? NO MA'AM.

this is my new collection of missoni serveware. the left platter is a really nice weight, and SO gorgeous.

the 2 plates and bowl i'm going all semi-homemade on, MINUS the whole being an alcoholic and making tablescapes. they will be a super amazing tiered serving tray sometime soon, once i find appropriate sticks to glue to them (or you know...hit up the dollar store. and spraypaint some glass. whichever works).

i snagged this scarf while these 2 ladies yapped and yapped about how much they LOOOOOOVED everything. listen here yo...if you're gonna yap, move away from the racks. i gots shopping to do.

i'm still slightly on the fence about the scarf...BUT i'm glad i snagged ir because they were all gone by the time i went to check out. i'd rather have it and be able to return it than obsess over it later.

and now, my most favorite item, even though it never even landed on my radar looking at the lookbook ahead of time. i thought i'd be ALL about the shift dresses....BUT they were all a littttttle bit short. and you know, i'm trying to keep the whole flashing my crotch thing to a minimum. if lindsay and britney can cut down...so can i.

(for the record, i ALWAYS wear underwear. and i do not go around flashing my lady parts to people).

i am CRAAAAAAZZZZYYYYY for this cardigan. it's soooooo soft, and for $50...not a bad deal, considering i have nothing like it.

PLUS it will look amazing with my black boots, OR my brown ones.

PLUS it has pockets. i love pockets.

PLUS it looks like if mr. rogers and bill cosby had a fashionable italian lovechild at an american big box store...and i can't NOT have that in my life, ya know??

the clothes were going FAST at my store, and they didn't have the umbrella i wanted. (but i'm thinking maybe it wasn't in yet? that happened with the liberty of london umbrella i got too). and i MIGHT be planning on getting the $7 sticky note set later this week because it was JUSTSOADORABLE.

anyone else lusting after the missoni stuff at target?


Morgan said...

I went at lunch and the place was completely picked over! I got a beautiful tray and a couple of journals. Oh, and a tie for the mister. I wish that cardi has still been available!

tara said...

I love that scarf!!! Its pretty much the main thing I want!

AmandaDF said...

Love the scarf! And the cardi! Totally worth getting up early for!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ooooh Love that scarf!! My Target must have been out of that!