Friday, September 2, 2011

coulda, woulda, shoulda....just put them on my feet

i had so many stories planned to tell you today.

like my new army green surplus vest from old navy that i am OBSESSED with...even though the hubs says it's "too outdoors"....what does he know?! he doesn't even know about fashion blogs.

then i was going to tell you about the nice man who offered to drive our new upstairs bathroom vanity to the house in his truck when he saw us struggling to get it IN THE BACKSEAT OF MY MALIBU. sometimes...the hubs doesn't really think through every step of a project.

but no...all of these stories MUST be skipped. because around 9:45 last night, my life changed for the better.  all thanks to the piperlime accessory wall (shout out to my fellow projrun lovers)


do you mean to tell me the sam edelman pumps i have been coveting for MONTHS, maybe close to a year, in the gorgeous nude snake, and the black...THEY COME IN PINK?!?

pink suede studded pumps?! i don't care if these are the most uncomfortable shoes known to man, and i have to give myself numbing injections every time i wear them, and use those funny arm cane crutch things...I. NEED. THESE. SHOES.

in my life. right freaking now.

because people? these BELONG on my feet. i wore hot pink shoes for my wedding!

so what if i have no job? i'll make my grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch at home with the dogs in my pjs IN THESE SHOES.

plus, my mother will loathe that's always a plus =)

now to figure out how to convince the hubs i need $215 on the most impractical pair of pretties known to man.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend...i have an arm party in the works on saturday of EPIC proportions, so hopefully that story doesn't get bumped for another gorgeous pair of foot candy!


MrsSouthernBelle said...

Wow those are nuts! I want everything off of the piperlime accessory wall!

SSS said...

Those are the ideal shoe for you... seriously.